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An engineers work is never done!  I hope friends and family, and others who may be
interested, enjoy watching the building progress of the Waterfall II.  The
Waterfall II is number four project boat; but, number one for a pleasure boat. 
Our previous three: Fantasia, Saami, and Waterfall were build primarily for
commercial trolling. (click here to check out photos)

Like the first Waterfall, the hull for the Waterfall II is a 50-foot surplus navy
utility boat.  The first three boats I had it easy, I started with the hull, deck and
cabin.  The Waterfall II has challenged me to design and build a cabin that is
aesthetically pleasing.  And so far, it is turning out great!

When I built my first boat there was no one to give me much advice (I was doing it
in the desert of eastern Washington).  The books I bought were not real helpful but
I muddled through it and made some mistakes.  Of course, at the time there was no
internet that I knew of.  I do have an 'as built' CD available that includes photos of
the details of the construction of the Waterfall II.  I am not saying I am an expert,
but this is the way I am doing it based on my experiences.  There is still a lot of
head scratching and some mistakes.

It is great to hear from others working on or interested in similiar projects, thanks
for all the emails.